Blade Rigg Ltd was born in 2001 as a specialist rigging & access company in London. We provide services throughout Europe and further afield.

We pride ourselves in continuously striving to improve and break new ground. By pushing the boundaries, Blade Rigg truly succeed at delivering the highest quality results keeping us one step ahead of the rest.

At our head office you’ll find a 300 m² workshop, which houses our specialist fabrication department, model-making department and assembly team. In addition our rotor blade academy and wind turbine blade division provides cutting edge technical development and training.

Blade Rigg consists of 2 main divisions, very different in industry but with several common skills. We have our global event and media solutions division which provides world class rigging, events, builds and media solutions.

On the other side we have an experienced industrial and wind turbine service division specializing in rotor blade inspection/repair and other wind turbine services.

We believe our clients are our most important asset and make it our mission to not only meet their expectations, but exceed them. The essence of Blade Rigg has been cultivated by the service, customer experience and vision we give our clients. We develop unique relationships with our clients based on understanding and insight to deliver innovate solutions that work for them. This is the foundation on which Blade Rigg is built and how we have developed our brand.

Our skills and our expertise are become globally recognized. We are an Achilles-accredited company, which means that our clients can be confident we have the highest-quality safety mechanism in place. As Achilles sets the industry bar, we undergo annual audits and consistently receive high scores. We’re also constantly implementing new and improved safety methods.

We will love to show you around our fun yet professional facility so please come and see what we are capable of.

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