Last month we had quite an exciting event!

A little trip up to Leicester allowed us to have a taste of UEFA Champions League excitement.

The Foxes wanted to create an unforgettable experience for their dedicated fans at their first ever
Champions League home game.

We were lucky enough to contribute to the excitement by delivering a bespoke banner reveal.

Timing was of the essence as no more than 4 minutes were allocated for the reveal
and removal of the entire system.

All it took was a crew of 10 ‘Forever Fearless‘ riggers to lift the banner and the spirits.

The overall affect was breathtaking. Fans were able to be involved by holding up the
LCFC colours to reveal the teams name whilst the banner was being lifted.

We like to think, along side the help of the supporters, that our contribution to the game
lead LCFC to victory!

Watch the whole experience –