Innovation is the skill of practical imagination. With our 2 very different divisions we have been able to maintain a market-leading innovation team that is constantly looking to break barriers and consistently delivers new ideas and concepts that work well. Some of these are shown here and for more opportunities to expand and develop your business ask what we can do for you.



A45 hybrid: First hybrid banner/light box site incorporating daytime impact of scale with night time alternate impact with backlit display. Site sold at 90% occupancy.





Telephone box

Telephone box: Blade Rigg built an imitation telephone box similar to the famous Grab a Grand TV show for a tennis tournament to use ping pong balls blasting around by blowing a high-powered industrial fan from below in the box creating a mass of flying balls which the contestant needs to grab within a short time. This required specific airflow dynamics within the box to allow for a spread of airflow. The box was a replica of the world famous London red phone booth.



IMAG0059 IMAG0060


Portable light boxes: It was the first mobile portable light box build which operates up to 8 hours on a recharge battery supply.