About Us

Bringing brands to life
Engaging fans
Creating experiences

Around the world, Blade Rigg is known for iconic branding, special displays, giant prop builds, experiential set builds & giant banner wraps. From concept to design, including building and installation, Blade is the choice for the brand looking for that wow factor.
Blade Rigg is rapidly becoming the number one event choice for branding and fan engagement delivery. Our services range from stadium branding, tifo banner reveals, immersive set builds, and fan zones. These include projects such as a full-sized London tube replica build, iconic London Eye’s 1 000m2 branded Silver Surfer rig and a giant immersive art project in the Tate Modern replicating an Eternal Sunset.

Our Services

We create a visual impact for brands, engage audiences and deliver larger than life experiences through both conventional & bespoke skill sets. We push the limits of creativity and production.



A World-Wide Network

Locations we have worked & have established partners. We make use of our global network mixing our travelling leaders with local suppliers driving ambition, creativity & expertise.