Nandos wanted to raise their brand awareness & drive more customers to their new restaurant. Create a marketing campaign to increase local support.



A local roadside billboard was used as the bait. 5 giant gift card were produced and stuck onto the billboard periodically through the day. The aim was for members of the public to remove the massive gift card and carry it down the road to the nearest Nando’s restaurant & win 5 free meals for 9 mates.

The attention & social media hype meant that by the time our team fitted the 2nd card there were loads of people waiting around to grab the next card. The card’s themselves were flexible and created quite a stir with crowds watching people try carry these huge cards down the road. This was very effective in the launch of the new restaurant.

We can source your locations, manage the pre-media launch, produce the materials required and build your pop-up marketing sites.