Bespoke 3D Build

Nothing beats a giant physical prop, build or set when it comes to brand activation, fan engagement, and visual impact. It can drive social activity and draw desired attention.

Our expertise offers a unique blend of sculpture, set builds, 3D printing and visual effects to help your brand, event or venue engage and catch the eye. We can build anything from giant 3D footballs, full replica train carriages, giant de-constructed watches, pop-up shoe-box replica retail shops down to shopping bags & trophies.

Our services include concept, visualisation, design, technical specification, production, manufacture & installation. We pride ourselves on using sustainable materials and we repurpose / recycle around 80% of all build materials.


Build types:

–          Architectural builds

–          Art pieces

–          Replicas

–          Props

–          Pop-up activations

–          Fit-outs