Event Overlay

Event overlay is the design, planning, installation and removal of temporary infrastructure and services needed to deliver major one-off sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, Formula 1, World Cups, etc. It is essentially about the creation of temporary venues and the installation of temporary elements and commodities that are needed to convert existing and new venues into event-ready ones. Even the most modern of venues require temporary overlay elements to accommodate a major sporting event.

Having worked across a wide range of sectors & countries, our expert teams can assist with a huge range of overlay requirements globally and even cater for multi-national travelling events. We have strong partners across the globe and can provide rapid response to venues around the world.

Elements of overlay that Blade offers include:

  • bespoke tents / canopies
  • cabins
  • fencing / scrim
  • generators
  • flooring
  • signage / graphics
  • wayfinding
  • overhead gantries / arches
  • flags
  • advertising billboards (temporary & permanent)
  • lighting

Case Studies