Experiential Marketing

With the high volume of out of home marketing & advertising it is becoming more & more essential to capture audiences with unique marketing concepts that both stand out from the norm as well as encourage engagement.

Experiential marketing can range from simple perspective angles to full scale 3D interactive aspects and full area domination branding. Our creative & technical teams can create inspirational designs, concepts & bring those to full physical realization. Whether its raising brand awareness or promoting new products, its all about how we make your audience feel and how we can help keep your campaign in their minds.

Blade Rigg has worked across virtually every sector blending roadside high-impact campaigns with 3D interactive builds. Would like a giant sculpture move via a phone app? Or perhaps an image that changes from the day to the night? Perhaps a 300m live perspective image that only makes sense from the focal point where we can position your brand content?


Ask us to create & inspire your brand from venues to roadside to iconic buildings and much more. We have crossed all these sectors and continue to push the boundaries of experience.